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116 Duram Amanda Park Mountains
Orpheus Park
Type Public Park
Location Caprica City
Debut "False Labor"
Significance Amanda Graystone's and Jordan Duram's meeting place
Characters Amanda Graystone
Jordan Duram
Daniel Graystone
Bodyguard Sean
Cultural References Orpheus

Orpheus Park is a public park in Caprica City.


Orpheus Park has dense wooded areas as well as more landscaped areas with trails. It is a popular place for walking and jogging. The park also has meadows with spectacular views of snow-capped mountains. ("Things We Lock Away") ("The Heavens Will Rise")

Amanda Graystone and Jordan Duram secretly meet here to discuss bringing down Clarice Willow and the Caprican STO.

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Behind the Scenes[]

Filming Locations[]

The Orpheus Park scenes in "The Heavens Will Rise" and "Apotheosis" were filmed in Capilano River Regional Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

Cultural References[]

Orpheus (God)


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