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111 Pann
Biographical Information
Name Pann
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica City
Occupation STO Soldier
Religion Monotheism
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Significant Other Hippolyta (girlfriend)
Character Information
Portrayer Zak Santiago
First Episode "End of Line"
Last Episode "Retribution"
Episode Count 3
Cultural References Pan (God)
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Pann is a Monotheist and an STO soldier.

He is a former student of Clarice Willow and was the first student that she brought into the STO. Athena Academy's STO membership (Pann, Ben Stark, Keon Gatwick and Hippolyta) dissolved after Ben died. At some point in time he switched sides to join Barnabas Greeley's cell. Barnabas is Clarice's rival. He is with Barnabas in the Port District when Clarice comes to confront her rival. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("End of Line") ("Retribution")

109 Clarice Confronts Barnabas

Barnabas' and Clarice's cells square off.

Lacy is target shooting in a greenhouse. She joins Barnabas and other STO members in a circle ritual. Pann, Keon and Hippolyta are there with others. Barnabas takes a knife and cuts the palm of his hand. He squeezes his blood into a bowl. Lacy is distracted. She says she does not know the ritual, but Pann says Barnabas has done it before. Hippolyta says it is one of their most sacred. Barnabas doubts her commitment to the cause. In response, Lacy takes the knife, slices her palm and squeezes her blood into the bowl. She takes the bowl and pours the blood into an infinity symbol upon a wooden slab. Barnabas is pleased. Barnabas leaves, taking Hippolyta with him. ("Unvanquished")

Pann is part of a failed attempt to kill Clarice by planting bombs at the Trojan Spaceport in Caprica City - an attempt Barnabas ordered. When Clarice discovers his betrayal, she goes to his home to confront him. He is in the bathtub watching television. She grabs his gun before he can and aims it at him. He begs forgiveness and promises to repent the error of his ways. She puts the gun down and says she forgives him, but will God forgive him? She answers that question by throwing the television set into the bathtub, electrocuting him.

GDD agents Jordan Duram and Youngblood investigate the crime scene the morning after. ("Retribution")

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