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109 Amanda Gathers her Courage
Pantheon Bridge
Type Historic Bridge
Locations Caprica City
Debut "End of Line"
Significance Amanda Graystone jumps off the bridge in a suicide attempt.
Characters Amanda Graystone
Cultural References Pantheon (etymology)

The Pantheon Bridge is a historical bridge located in Caprica City. It was once the widest bridge on Caprica by one centimeter. ("End of Line")


The bridge cost sixteen-and-a-half million cubits to construct. One million cars crossed over the bridge in its first month. Its height is nearly one-hundred meters above mean sea level. Heavy concrete railings unify the long approaches and the distinctive central span.

Construction started nearly forty years ago and took nearly three years to complete. Steel-plate girders salvaged from the second bridge made barges for constructing the foundation of the O Street Bridge.

The bridge has also attracted its share of jumpers. Few have survived the drop to the deep, turbulent waters below. ("End of Line")

In the News[]

The controversial Dr. Amanda Graystone jumped from the bridge on Eros Day in 42YR. Miraculously, she survived her suicide attempt. After an extended hospital stay, she is currently convalescing in seclusion. ("End of Line") ("Unvanquished") ("Retribution")

Behind the Scenes[]

Filming Location[]

Pantheon Bridge was filmed at the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

Cultural References[]

Pantheon (etymology)


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