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Paula Malcomson
Paula Malcomson
Portrayed Amanda Graystone
Biographical Information
Birthdate 1970
Birthplace Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Paula Malcomson portrayed Amanda Graystone - a skilled plastic surgeon who is married to Daniel Graystone. She appeared in all eighteen episodes of the series. She is sometimes credited as Paula Williams.


Paula Malcomson was born in 1970 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She starred as Trixie in the HBO series "Deadwood" and Colleen in ABC's "Lost". She played the role of Maureen Ashby on the FX Series "Sons of Anarchy". In March 2011, she guest starred in the "Fringe" episode "Stowaway". She played Mrs. Everdeen in the film adaptation of "The Hunger Games", her first major starring movie role. She plays Abby Donovan, the wife of the title character, in the Showtime series "Ray Donovan".

Malcomson originally auditioned for the part of Clarice Willow. However, Jeffrey Reiner, the director of the pilot episode, thought she would be better for the role of Amanda Graystone.[1]

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