102 Philo
Name Philo
Actor Alex Arsenault
Debut "Rebirth"
Origin Caprica
Profession Chief Robotics Technician
Status Deceased

Philo (Philomon) is a robotics technician employed at Graystone Industries. He designed the chassis for the U-87 robot.


Data from his Caprica VMatch.cap Profile ("Know Thy Enemy")
Height: 5' 9"
Body Type: Average
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 27
Hometown: Qualai, Caprica

BS Applied Mathematics, Qualai University
PHD Electrical Engineering
PHD Mechanical Engineering
MSCS Computer Sciences
MA Applied Physics

Hobbies: Applied Robotics, Quantum Mechanics on the nuclear level, Astrology
TV: Baxter Sarno, Reruns of Gemenon Monster Movies
Favorite Site: Grand Library of Libran


He views the Cylon "inhabited" by Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar as a work of art and refers to it as "she." His co-worker, Drew, belittles him for his attitude. ("Rebirth")




109 Philo Deceased

Philo murdered

When confronted by the Zoe persona within the U-87 cylon prototype, Philo initially panics and Zoe pins him to the wall. Zoe frantically tries to explain who and what she is and to enlist his help to escape. This gives Philo time to collect his wits. He agrees to help Zoe, repeating his previous assertion that he does not care what she really looks like. However, when she releases him, he lunges for a nearby console and initiates an emergency lockdown. Startled, Zoe shoves him away from the keyboard. In her alarm, she forgets the strength of the U-87 and flings Philo head first into a support column, killing him instantly through blunt force trauma. Though his death is accidental, it could be argued that this makes him the first victim of the Cylon Wars. ("End of the Line")

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