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The Ocean Colony

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1.4 billion

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Major Cities

Perkinston, Queenstown, Paylin


Penrose Harbor

Pyramid Team

Picon Panthers

Two thousand years ago the Twelve Tribes left Kobol after a disaster - the nature of which is now unknown. They traveled two thousand light years to the Cyrannus Star System, a system with four stars. The Pisces tribe colonized this watery planet.


Picon Harbor The Plan

Penrose Harbor

The surface of Picon is over seventy-five percent water, but, unlike Aquaria, its climate is temperate (at least during the summer months) and its seas support an abundance of aquatic life. Once governed by Virgon, Picon is now one of the more socially progressive colonies, providing health care and affordable housing to all citizens. The populace is affluent and educated with an enviably low crime rate. Picon's capital, Queenstown, started out as a fishing village and now supports a thriving entertainment industry that rivals Caprica's. [1]


Picon Flag

Picon Flag

The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Picon is in the second orbit around the Helios Alpha star in that system. The colonies Tauron, Gemenon and Caprica also orbit this star.[2]

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111 Picon Necklace

Traditional Picon wedding necklace

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