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102 Promethia High School
Promethia High School
Type Public Secondary School
Location Caprica City
Debut "Rebirth"
Significance Tamara Adama's high school
Characters Tamara Adama
Joseph Adama
Cultural References Prometheus

Promethia High School is a public secondary school in Caprica City. Befitting an institution of learning, the school is named for the Lord of Kobol who gave the arts and sciences to mortals.

The Adamas[]

Tamara Adama attended classes there before her death in the MAGLEV bombing. ("Pilot")

Intending to pick up his son, William, at Wilson Elementary, Joseph Adama goes to the high school by mistake to pick up Tamara. Joseph soon realizes his error and calls Wilson looking for William. When he gets home William asks his father if he went to Tammy's school again. Joseph has done this before. Embarrassed, Joseph says he got out of court late. ("Rebirth")

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Behind the Scenes[]

Production Notes[]

Promethia High School was filmed at King George Secondary School at Barclay Street and Denman Street, Vancouver.[1]

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