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111 Purple
Name Purple
Type Recreational Drug
Locations Dive
Debut "Rebirth"
Significance Clarice Willow starts smoking it again after a period of abstinence.
Cornell Gast was addicted, but is now clean.
Characters Clarice Willow
Cornell Gast
Amanda Graystone

Purple is a mind-altering substance that Clarice Willow smokes at Dive. ("Rebirth")

Cornell Gast was addicted to purple, but has been clean for three years. ("Retribution")

Drugs were recently legalized on Caprica. This was primarily enacted to take away the profit motive. According to Baxter Sarno, legalization took decades of some pretty violent arguing back and forth. Drugs like purple are now legal and can be consumed at drug dens like Dive. ("Gravedancing")