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103 Caprica Buccaneers

Caprica Buccaneers

Pyramid is a team sport popular in the Twelve Colonies.



  • Aerilon
    • Aerilon Threshers
    • Promethea Golden Horns
  • Canceron
    • Canceron Hydras
    • Hades Vice
    • Mangala Krill
  • Leonis
    • Leonis Wildcats
    • Hedon Suns
  • Scorpia
    • Scorpia Stingers
    • Celeste Storms
    • Celeste Lightning
    • Argentum Bay Silverstars
  • Virgon
    • Virgon United
    • Boskirk All Reds

Aquaria and Libran have no pyramid teams.


102 Rod Jenkins

Rod Jenkins




  • The Centaurs are mentioned in "The Imperfections of Memory", but there is no mention on which colony they are located.
  • It sounds as though Steve Bahara announces the All-Star mid-courter number seven as "J. T. Moon". However, the DVD subtitles say "J. T. Smith". ("Rebirth") [1]

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

In the Original Series, the card game was called "Pyramid" and the sport was called "Triad".

"Ronald D. Moore has admitted to getting the two confused, accidentally switching the names of the sport and the card game." [2]

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