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Racism in Caprica manifests itself primarily through the way Taurons are perceived by the general Caprican public. Although the discrimination does not seem to be institutionalized (e.g., Taurons are not segregated, etc.), many Capricans are quite open about their racist beliefs. Some Capricans call Taurons dirteaters, a slur referring to their peasant farmer heritage. Secretary of Defense Joan Leyte says that Taurons are untrustworthy and "deceit is in their DNA." ("Pilot")

105 Big Kid

A bully goads Joseph and William Adama by calling them "dirteaters."

Although Taurons are not segregated by Caprican law, many immigrants created a diaspora in the inner-city neighborhood of Little Tauron in Caprica City. ("Rebirth")

Sasha Roiz, who portrays Ha'la'tha enforcer, Sam Adama, speaks to this and explains the reasons behind his character's loyalty to his homeworld and to the Ha'la'tha.

He has a real disdain for Capricans. This is a man who believes he’s being treated as a second class citizen and the only thing he can do to survive and thrive in this world is remain loyal to the culture he’s from and the people who look after him. That’s the only people he cares about. [1]

Roiz goes on to explain how the Ha'la'tha evolved from a resistance movement on Tauron to a criminal syndicate on Caprica.

It’s more like the turn-of-the-century mob. The early Twentieth Century when Italians, Irish, Jews all came over and had very limited opportunities. They were ghettoized and forced to create a life and survive any way they could. In response to being ghettoized and discriminated against, they found their own ways and their own rules. [2]

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