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102 Confession
Season One
Episode 02
Airdate January 29, 2010
Written by Mark Verheiden
Directed by Jonas Pate
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Rebirth is the second episode of the first season of Caprica and the third produced hour of the series. It first aired on the SyFy Channel on January 29, 2010.


Daniel Graystone has some technical difficulties on his contract to produce U-87 robots for the Caprican government. Joseph Adama wants to visit his daughter's avatar again. Lacy Rand has an unsettling lunch with Clarice Willow and her extended family. Lacy later meets with Zoe and declares her to be a trinity. Sam Adama takes his nephew William to Little Tauron and teaches him something about Tauron society. Amanda Graystone learns more about Zoe's secret life and makes a startling public confession.



Daniel Graystone and Cyrus Xander discuss the problems they are having with their robots. It seems that only the first U-87, in which Daniel installed the meta-cognitive processor (MCP), works correctly. The other bodies do not have the same abilities when using the same MCP. Daniel directs them to pack up the working U-87 and send it to his house where he will work on it over the weekend.

At Athena Academy after class, Clarice Willow invites Lacy Rand over to her house for Saturday lunch. Afterwards, Lacy talks to Zoe on the phone. She mentions that Clarice invited her over. Lacy begins to say she wants to tell Clarice about Zoe, but Zoe wants none of it. Zoe says Clarice only wants to get her original programming. Zoe is interrupted and hangs up the phone.

Act One[]

Daniel and Amanda Graystone, owners of the Caprica Buccaneers, watch the opening ceremonies for the Buccaneers versus the Olympia Stallions pyramid game from their box at Atlas Arena.

Joseph Adama leaves a voicemail with Daniel, reconsidering visiting his daughter's avatar. Then he realizes he is going to Tamara's school again, instead of his son's school.

Robotics technicians, Philo and Drew, perform tests on the U-87, at one point having "her" move three dorans.

102 Memorial Event Invitation

Joseph receives an invitation to the memorial service.

Joseph's mother-in-law, Ruth, mentions an invitation to a memorial event, funded by the Graystones. Joseph gets angry, saying he wants nothing to with Daniel Graystone.

GDD Agent Jordan Duram visits Amanda at her home. Since Daniel does defense contract work in the house, Duram is prohibited from searching the premises. Duram reveals that Zoe and Ben Stark were dating. Amanda is stunned.

Philo and Drew arrive at the Graystone residence. The U-87 struggles to escape the restraints in the van. Philo calms her down and removes the MCP chip, disabling her. Inside, while Drew is attempting to run a diagnostic, the U-87 chops off the tip of his finger. Philo retrieves the fingertip and takes Drew to the hospital.

Act Two[]

102 Willow Family Lunch

Lacy has lunch with Clarice's family.

Amanda visits Lacy at her house. She asks about Zoe's intentions for leaving on the day of the bombing. Lacy says the last thing she heard Zoe say was they would find a new family on Gemenon. Amanda is crushed.

Lacy arrives at the Willow house for lunch. Clarice introduces her wives - Mar-Beth, Helena and Desiree Willow; and her husbands - Nestor, Tanner, Olaf and Rashawn. There are others. At the dinner table, Mar-Beth notices Nestor flirting with Lacy. She grows suspicious.

102 Little Tauron Sam Willie

Sam and William visit Little Tauron.

Sam and William Adama visit Little Tauron. Sam mentions that as kids, he would hopelessly flirt with a guy while Joseph would get a date with the sister. Sam picks some fruit from a cart and eats it, with the approval of the shopkeeper. Sam tells William that his tattoos tell his whole story.

Lacy leaves the house. Mar-Beth and Tanner challenge Clarice and Nestor about their intentions towards Lacy. Clarice says she invited her student to their home in a friendly attempt to help Lacy cope with her grief over the deaths of her friends. Emotionally weary, Clarice goes out for a walk.

Act Three[]

As William watches, Sam smashes a window of another shopkeeper after receiving a phone call, possibly from the Guatrau. The police show up shortly thereafter and Sam encourages William to cooperate. Officer Mendez and his partner seem to know Sam. Sam explains the criminal system to William as the police handcuff them.

Clarice visits a head shop.

102 Lacy Cylon Zoe

Best friends, Lacy and Cylon Zoe, comfort each other.

As soon as Lacy comes home, Zoe calls. She tells Lacy she is at the Graystone house and they need to meet. Lacy comes over and studies the robot. Lacy declares that Zoe, the avatar and the Cylon are a "Trinity. That's what you are. Three faces of one thing."

Act Four[]

The Graystones attend the MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service at Apollo Park. Friends and family members of the victims speak from the podium.

Ben's mother, Natalie Stark, approaches Amanda and returns some of Zoe's things, including an infinity symbol pin. She tells Amanda that Ben loved Zoe very much. Amanda tearfully thanks her.

Amanda remembers that the infinity symbol is associated with the Soldiers of the One terrorist group and realizes that her daughter was a member. She begins to think that Zoe was responsible for the bombing. Agent Duram keeps an eye on Amanda from a distance.

Joseph confronts Daniel. He wants to see his daughter again, but Daniel tells him that is not possible; that she is gone. He explains that Tamara's avatar disappeared at the same time Zoe's did. Joseph is disturbed to learn that Tamara's avatar existed without being observed.

Amanda makes her way to the podium and announces that her daughter was a terrorist and responsible for the bombing.


102 Angry Crowd Chases Graystones

The angry crowd chases the Graystones.

The crowd is shocked. Amanda shows Zoe's infinity pin to the crowd. She tearfully apologizes for her daughter's actions.

The crowd erupts into a furor. Daniel's bodyguard quickly escorts Daniel and Amanda to their car while the crowd shouts angrily at them. The police hold the crowd back, but when the car pulls away the angry mob breaks free and gives chase. Duram has Amanda's confession. Joseph watches in sadness as the Graystones speed away.



  • The date on the memorial event invitation sent to Joseph Adama's household is Junius 7. Since the memorial is being held one month afterwards, the bombing occurred on Maius 7.
  • Olaf is mentioned, but does not appear on screen until the episode, "Gravedancing".
  • The characters of Helena Willow and Rashawn Willow appear, but they have no dialogue, nor are they credited.


1,410,000 American viewers[1]

Production Notes[]

Filming Locations[]

  • Promethia High School was filmed at King George Secondary School at Barclay Street and Denman Street, Vancouver.[2]
  • The Little Tauron scenes were shot on Gore Street on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, not far from Chinatown.[3]
  • Athena Academy interiors were filmed at a former nunnery, per director Jeffrey Reiner.[4]
  • The Willow house was filmed in New Westminster, a city in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area.[5]
  • The MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service was shot at a public plaza near Vancouver's Convention Centre. Its “green roof” is visible on the right side in the wide shots.[6]


The Caprican national anthem, Caprica Abides, was composed by Bear McCreary to lyrics by Jane Espenson. It features Mark Donnelly on off-camera vocals.[7]

Cultural References[]

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

Jordan Duram's last name is misspelled as "Durham" on CAP News. This also could be an in-universe mistake made by CAP News.

See Also[]

  • Music in Caprica
  • Sexuality (The first time Sam Adama's homosexuality is mentioned, and the first time the Willow group marriage is shown.)


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Cast and Episode List[]

Eric Stoltz as Daniel Graystone Esai Morales as Joseph Adama Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone Alessandra Torresani as Zoe Graystone Magda Apanowicz as Lacy Rand Polly Walker as Clarice Willow Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama Brian Markinson as Jordan Duram
Guest Starring
Alex Arsenault as PhiloAvan Jogia as Ben StarkScott Porter as Nestor
Sina Najafi as William Adama Hiro Kanagawa as Cyrus Xander Karen Austin as Ruth Genevieve Buechner as Tamara Adama Jim Thomson as Voice of Serge Françoise Yip as Desiree Willow Phil Granger as Tanner Anita Torrance as Mar-Beth James Pizzinato as Drew Tanner Michael Eklund as Waylon Renu Bakshi as Abasi Lowe Dale Wolfe as Steve Bahara Feguins Toussaint as Bodyguard Sean Greg Webb as Man at the Mic Nimet Kanji as Natalie Stark Darryl Scheelar as Officer Mendez Jeanettea Antonio as Female at the Mic Kailyn Stratton as Six-year-old Zoe Brady Schlecker as Angry Crowd No 1 Mario Casoria as Angry Crowd No 2 Hannah as Caesar the Dog
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