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102 Rod Jenkins
Rod Jenkins
Biographical Information
Name Rod Jenkins
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Pyramid Player
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Jared Keeso
Episode "Pilot"

Rod Jenkins is a star player with the Caprica Buccaneers.

Daniel Graystone, Joseph and William Adama have just watched a Buccaneers game, which the team lost. Daniel asks William what he thought of the game. William says he thinks Jenkins tanked it. So Daniel brings William and Joseph down to the locker room to discuss the finer points of mid-court defense with Jenkins.

Jenkins ask Willie how he thinks they did. Willie says, "Not that great." Rod says, "Keep it positive. You're among champions here, pal."

Daniel wants to speak privately with Joseph. Daniel tells William he can stay and chat with the players, and to just ask Sean if he needs anything.