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116 STO Guard -1
STO Guard
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Unknown
Residence STO training camp on Gemenon
Occupation Guard
Religion Monotheism
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Rob Boyce
Episode "The Heavens Will Rise"

The STO Guard #1 is stationed at the Soldiers of the One training camp on Gemenon.

At the camp, Lexon is late for Kevin Reikle's weapons class. He runs past the guard without saluting. The guard yells at Lexon to salute and the two get into an altercation.

The guard overreacts and tells a U-87 robot to execute Lexon. Lacy Rand witnesses this and tells the robot to stop, which it does. The guard and Lacy go back and forth ordering the robot. The cylon ultimately follows Lacy's orders and Lexon's life is spared.