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118 STO Martyr No. 1
STO Martyr No. 1
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation STO Soldier
Religion Monotheism
Status Deceased
Character Information
Portrayer Philip Cabrita
Episode "Apotheosis"

STO Martyr No. 1 is part of a Soldiers of the One terrorist plot to blow up Atlas Arena. They are suicide bombers, planting bombs in the stands of the arena or on themselves. The intent is to show the Twelve Colonies the benefits of Apotheosis - the Monotheist's Virtual Heaven created in V-World to substitute certainty for faith. When a person dies, they will be downloaded into a sentient avatar in Virtual Heaven.

Daniel Graystone and his wife, Amanda, take over the control room at the arena. Daniel deploys U-87 robots to stop the martyrs. The robots locate and kill the martyrs before they set off the bombs. They download into the Heaven. Concurrently, Zoe goes to Virtual Heaven to stop Clarice Willow from carrying out her plan. She changes the code, turning the Heaven into a hell of volcanoes, destroying it. Falling pieces of debris de-rez the martyrs' avatars, killing them.