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Col Sasha Patel
Sasha Patel
Biographical Information
Name Colonel Sasha Patel
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Military Procurement Officer
Defense Minister
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Jill Teed
Episode "End of Line"

Colonel Sasha Patel is an officer with the Caprica Department of Military Procurement.

She visits Daniel Graystone at his home laboratory to check on the progress of the U-87 military contract. She calls Daniel on his delay in delivering the robots due to the difficulties of reverse-engineering stolen technology, referring to the theft of the MCP from the Vergis Corporation. Daniel tries to deny this. She tells him that Defense may have turned a blind eye to this, but Procurement knew what they were getting into.

109 Sasha Patel

Sasha Patel gives Daniel the bad news.

Daniel is supposed to deliver on the contract in one month. The longer the project drags on without results, the more embarrassment it causes the Department. Therefore, Colonel Patel moves the deadline up to the next week knowing Daniel will not be able to deliver.

Later that evening she and Tomas Vergis have just finished dinner. She "deigned" to have dinner with a Tauron because he promises robots that work and a share of civilian applications. She tells him that he will get the company and the contract, guaranteed. ("End of Line")

She is eventually promoted to the position of Minister of Defense, a post previously held by Val Chambers. ("The Dirteaters")

A CAP News television report quotes her position on the Tauron Uprising saying, "Defense Minister Patel confirmed today that no Caprican troops will be sent to Tauron peace-keeping efforts, saying that, 'We haven't been asked for our help yet.'" ("The Dirteaters")