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Scorpia Flag
General Information
Known as Playground of the Colonies
Ancient Name Scorpio
Location Helios Gamma star system
Societal Information
Population 450 million
Capital Celeste
Major Cities Celeste, Argentum
Patron God Dionysus
Attractions Argentum Bay, Guardian Mountains
Pyramid Teams Scorpia Stingers, Celeste Storms, Celeste Lightning, Argentum Bay Silverstars
Series Connections
Significance Scorpion Ambrosia

Scorpia is a planet in the Cyrannus Star System, orbiting the Helios Gamma star. Scorpio is the ancient name of the colony, which was named after one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol.


A world of untamed tropical jungles punctuated by rugged mountain ranges, Scorpia is a popular vacation destination for the other colonies. Its inhabitants, though pious and family-oriented, are known for their religious tolerance and accommodating nature. Tourism is one of the planet's major industries.[1]


The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Scorpia is in the second orbit of the Helios Gamma star in that system. The planet is encircled by a half ring. The colonies Sagittaron and Libran also orbit this star. [2]


After-hours trading occurs on this planet. The Scorpia Mills corporation is headquartered here. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Unvanquished")


106 Scorpion Ambrosia

Scorpion Ambrosia

Scorpion Ambrosia is a liquor imported from the colony. Most Capricans dislike it because they think it is too strong and tastes like sulfur. "Scorpion Marsh Genuine Ambrosia" is a rare brand of Scorpion Ambrosia. There may be only eleven bottles in existence in the Twelve Worlds. ("The Imperfections of Memory")


Cultural References[]


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