Amanda pours a glass of Ambrosia

Scorpion Ambrosia is a liquor from the Scorpia colony. Most Capricans dislike it because they think it is too strong and smells like sulfur. Amanda Graystone and Clarice Willow scoff at this and Amanda calls them babies. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Scorpion Marsh Genuine Ambrosia is a rare brand of the ambrosia in the Twelve Colonies. There may only be eleven bottles in existence. Clarice gives it to Amanda Graystone as a means to get close to her to find out about Zoe Graystone's avatar program.

The bottle belonged to Clarice's wife, Desiree Willow. Their husband, Olaf, warns Clarice that Desiree will be very angry that she gave the ambrosia away. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

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