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Season One of Caprica aired as an "extended" first season in 2010 and 2011, with a total of nineteen produced hours on the SyFy Channel in the United States. The rights to broadcast the series were also picked up by Sky1 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. An unrated, extended version of the two-hour pilot was released exclusively on DVD and digital download on April 21, 2009.

Number Episode Description Airdate
101 Pilot The Twelve Colonies are at peace. An act of religious terrorism begins a change in the lives of many, particularly the Adama and Graystone families. Students and staff at a high school dedicated to the goddess Athena attract the attention of security officials. A lawyer with a dark family background turns toward that heritage. A brilliant computer industrialist makes a quantum leap in robotics. January 22, 2010
102 Rebirth Daniel Graystone is having some technical difficulties on his military contract to produce U-87s for the government of the planet Caprica. Joseph Adama wants to visit his daughter's avatar again. Lacy Rand has an unsettling lunch with Clarice Willow and her extended family; Lacy later meets with Zoe and declares her to be a trinity. Sam Adama takes his nephew Willie to Little Tauron and teaches him something about Tauron society. Amanda Graystone learns more about her daughter's secret life and makes a startling public confession. January 29, 2010
103 Reins of a Waterfall Amanda Graystone resigns from her position at the hospital. Daniel Graystone has a violent encounter with Sam and Joseph Adama about Joseph wanting to see his daughter again. Clarice Willow probes Lacy Rand's knowledge of Zoe Graystone. Jordan Duram's supervisor finds evidence that the Global Defense Department had Ben Stark in custody, but let him go. Lacy and Zoe meet in the Virtual World and find a lost Tamara. Daniel is advised to appear on Baxter Sarno's television show. Clarice enters the Virtual World and meets with a hidden contact. Joseph asks Sam to kill Amanda to punish Daniel. February 5, 2010
104 Gravedancing The Global Defense Department searches Athena Academy and Zoe Graystone’s residence with disapppointing results. Daniel Graystone goes over his talking points for his appearance on Baxter Sarno's show. Jordan Duram wants expanded powers to look through communications. Philo runs a diagnostic on the U-87 body. Daniel and Amanda Graystone appear with Sarno; Daniel makes a startling announcement. Sam Adama kidnaps Amanda and frightens her before releasing her. February 19, 2010
105 There Is Another Sky After announcing that Graystone Industries will stop profitting from the holoband, Daniel Graystone faces an attempt to oust him from control of his company. He counters by telling the board of directors that the future of the company is in the Cylon. Joseph Adama comes to terms with his origins and participates in a funeral rite for his wife and daughter. In the Virtual World, Tamara is transformed from a girl on the run to a woman who fights for what she wants. She sends Heracles back into the real world with a message for her father. February 26, 2010
106 Know Thy Enemy Daniel Graystone is confronted by Tomas Vergis, who accuses him of having stolen the Meta-cognitive processor from him and promises to systematically destroy everything Daniel holds dear. Daniel accuses Joseph Adama of having bungled the theft of the MCP and Joseph takes his concerns to to his brother, Sam. Keon Gatwick helps Lacy Rand meet with Barnabas. Evelyn identifies Tad Thorean, the owner of the Heracles avatar, for Joseph and displays some interest in the man. Sister Clarice Willow deceives Amanda Graystone to gain access to the Graystone residence and to steal Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar program from Daniel's laboratory computer. Philo meets with Zoe, who is calling herself Rachel, in the Virtual World. March 5, 2010
107 The Imperfections of Memory To continue her goal of obtaining Zoe's avatar, Clarice Willow carries on her friendship with Amanda Graystone, who is being haunted by visions of her dead brother. Heracles guides Joseph Adama through the hazards of New Cap City. Zoe and Lacy Rand continue their respective efforts to get the U-87 to Gemenon while Daniel Graystone is still being pressured by Tomas Vergis to sell the Caprica Buccaneers to help work on the meta-cognitive processor. March 12, 2010
108 Ghosts in the Machine Daniel Graystone highly suspects that the Zoe avatar he thought was lost is still in the Cylon prototype, so he puts the robot through a series of tests, hoping that it will lead Zoe to reveal herself to him. With Emmanuelle as his guide, Joseph Adama ventures further into the gritty world of New Cap City to find Tamara. March 19, 2010
109 End of Line When the deadline for the Cylon production is dramatically changed to just a week, Daniel Graystone calls the order to clean the MCP, which will destroy the Zoe avatar in the process and forces her to take drastic actions to escape. Barnabas puts Lacy Rand's allegiance to the STO to a test, as Clarice Willow plans a trip to Gemenon. Amanda Graystone is haunted by memories of her brother, and the allegations made by Tomas Vergis against her husband push her to the brink. Emmanuelle finds Tamara so as to finally bring Joseph's quest to an end. March 26, 2010
110 Unvanquished Three weeks after a series of devastating events, different paths are followed: Daniel Graystone seeks an alliance with the Ha'la'tha in order to retake his company, Sister Clarice Willow arrives on Gemenon to ask the Blessed Mother of the Monotheist Church for her endorsement of apotheosis. Lacy Rand and Zoe continue their new lives. October 5, 2010
111 Retribution Clarice Willow returns to wage war on Barnabas and his STO cell comprised of her former students. Jordan Duram shocks Amanda Graystone with a revelation about Clarice.   October 12, 2010
112 Things We Lock Away Tamara attacks Zoe in New Cap City, seeking revenge for the MAGLEV bombing that killed her and her mother. Daniel Graystone wins back his company, but with unexpected consequences. Clarice Willow attempts to break Lacy Rand. October 19, 2010
113 False Labor Political trouble on Tauron causes Sam Adama to put his own life in danger. Amanda Graystone infiltrates Clarice Willow's family for Agent Duram. October 26, 2010
114 Blowback Lacy Rand's journey to Gemenon turns into a life or death race against the clock. The pressure on Amanda Graystone and Jordan Duram for evidence mounts as Clarice Willow gets one step closer to apotheosis. January 4, 2011
115 The Dirteaters Joseph and Sam revisit their past on Tauron and must make a decision about where their loyalties lie. Daniel Graystone discovers Zoe's avatar has survived. Jordan Duram is burned at the GDD. January 4, 2011
116 The Heavens Will Rise Daniel and Amanda Graystone search New Cap City for Zoe. Lacy Rand uncovers a mystery about the Cylons. Clarice Willow learns a devastating truth. January 4, 2011
117 Here Be Dragons Daniel and Amanda Graystone find Zoe with a vengeful Clarice Willow closing in. The Ha'la'tha turns on Joseph and Sam Adama. January 4, 2011
118 Apotheosis Joseph and Sam Adama avenge William's death. Daniel, Amanda and Zoe race to stop Clarice Willow's master plan and save thousands of lives before Caprica is changed forever. January 4, 2011