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111 Security Guard
Security Guard
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation Spaceport Security
Status Deceased
Character Information
Portrayer Garvin Cross
Episode "Retribution"

The Security Guard works at the Trojan Spaceport in Caprica City. He thwarts an STO bombing.

Barnabas Greeley sends Lacy Rand, Keon Gatwick, Pann, and Hippolyta to the Trojan Spaceport to plant bombs. When Clarice Willow returns home from her trip to Gemenon, they will be detonated, killing her.

Lacy is nervous. This attracts the attention of the security guard who comes over to check on her. She stumbles for an explanation and lies that her temple group missed their flight to Picon. Suspicious, the guard asks her what is in her backpack. Pann fires his gun to interrupt the confrontation and kills the guard. Lacy and her friends flee the scene.