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117 Tamara Zoe Mtn Fortress

The sentient avatars of Tamara Adama and Zoe Graystone in the Virtual World

Sentience is the condition of having human-level awareness and other qualities such as intelligence, desire, will and personality.

Sentient Avatars[]


Zoe Graystone took her standard avatar and developed sentience for it with the following methods:

  • She used an Artificial Intelligence search engine to datamine past records of herself.
  • She found a way to transfer a person's memories into useable data.
  • She created a biofeedback protocol connection to Artificial Intelligence, which transfers the emotions and memories of the real world person to the sentient avatar. The Avatar feels and experiences what the real person feels and experiences. ("Pilot") ("Things We Lock Away")


Daniel Graystone tells Joseph Adama he was able to create an avatar of his daughter, Tamara, using Zoe's sentient avatar program as a template. Tamara was killed in the MAGLEV bombing, a disaster which also claimed the lives of Joseph's wife and Daniel's daughter, Zoe. Joseph visits the avatar in the Virtual World. Tamara's twin is horrified that she cannot feel her heartbeat. Joseph calls the avatar an "abomination." Daniel tries to defend his creation, but Joseph leaves in disgust. ("Pilot")




Daniel attempts to develop a Cylon with the ability to observe and predict an adversary's actions for the purposes of disabling the adversary. With the installation of the meta-cognitive processor, along with data from his daughter's sentient avatar, the U-87 seems to possess more than human-level dexterity and observation/processing skills. ("Pilot")