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For the different incarnations of the Zoe character, see Zoe (disambiguation).
102 Zoe 6 Years Old
Six-year-old Zoe
Biographical Information
Name Zoe Graystone
Origin Caprica City
Residence First home (burned when she was five)
Graystone mansion near Caprica City
Religion Polytheism
Status Living
Relationship Information
Family Amanda Graystone (mother)
Daniel Graystone (father)
Relatives Darius (maternal uncle)
Phoebus (paternal grandmother, mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Kailyn Stratton
Other Portrayer Alessandra Torresani (teenage Zoe)
Olivia Steele Falconer (Young Zoe)
First Episode "Rebirth"
Last Episode "Ghosts in the Machine"
Episode Count 2
Cultural References Zoe (name)
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Grieving Zoe's death, Amanda Graystone watches old home movies of Zoe when she was Six-years-old. The movies are of Zoe playing in a water park. ("Rebirth") ("Ghosts in the Machine")


Production Notes[]

Deleted scenes show home movies of Six-year-old Zoe having fun in an Ides of March apple hunt. The apple hunt is similar to the real world Easter egg hunt. ("Rebirth")

Cultural References[]

Zoe (name)