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105 Tad Thorean
Tad Thorean
Biographical Information
Name Tad Thorean
Origin Caprica
Residence Caprica City
Occupation Grocery Store Stockboy
Avatar Heracles
Family Unknown
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Richard Harmon
First Episode "There Is Another Sky"
Last Episode "The Imperfections of Memory"
Episode Count 2

Tad Thorean is the young man who owns the Heracles avatar.


Tad was born on Junius 4, 27YR. He attends North Ridge High School in Caprica City. Tad works at a grocery store in Little Tauron where Louie is his boss. ("The Imperfections of Memory")


Tad has low self-esteem. In New Cap City he feels important, like he is something. Tamara encourages him to be something in the real world. ("There Is Another Sky")

Helping Tamara[]

After leaving Tamara in New Cap City, Tad visits Joseph Adama just after the funeral rites for Tamara and her mother have concluded. He begs Joseph to wake her up, but her father says that she is dead. Joseph is surprised that she is still alive in V-World and demands to know where she is, but Tad flees. Joseph gives chase, but cannot keep up the pace and Tad gets away. ("There Is Another Sky")

106 Tad Thorean's ID

Tad Thorean's ID

Joseph asks Evelyn to track down the young man who owns the Heracles avatar. She delivers the results to him. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Helping Joseph[]

While at work at the grocery store, Tad's boss tells him to clear out a loiterer, who turns out to be Joseph. Joseph confronts Tad and makes him help find his daughter. He has two holobands.

Now as Heracles, he and Joseph visit the V-World. Heracles explains the rules of New Cap City, "If she is not there, she will be nearly impossible to find. If you die in New Cap City, you cannot ever come back." The two enter the door and appear to be in a manhole when an explosion occurs on the surface. Fortunately neither one of them is killed and they continue.

Heracles and Joseph emerge from an underground tunnel and Joseph struggles to keep up. When a missile strikes a nearby taxi cab and destroys it, Joseph asks if they can fly. Tad humors him then says that New Cap City has the same rules as in real life - no one can fly in a non-fantasy game.

107 Heracles Dies

Heracles is "killed" in a strafing run in New Cap City.

When running from a plane, Joseph indirectly causes Heracles to be shot and de-rezzed, banning him from New Cap City forever. Joseph returns to reality soon afterwards. Tad is devastated and furious. He yells at Joseph, saying he is now on his own to find Tamara. ("The Imperfections of Memory")