Tamara Adama
105 Tamara (Cyber)
Name Tamara Adama
Actor Genevieve Buechner
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica born, Tauron heritage
Profession Student
Status Deceased
Family Joseph Adama, father
Shannon Adama, mother
William Adama, brother
Ruth, maternal grandmother
Sam Adama, uncle
Larry, uncle
Young Bill Adama, half-brother
William Adama Sr., paternal grandfather
Isabelle Adama, paternal grandmother

Tamara Adama (Tammy) is the daughter of Joseph and Shannon Adama, and older sister of William Adama.


Tamara was born in 26YR. She went by her father's Capricanized last name, Adams. She attended Promethia High School. Her Uncle Sam says that Tamara was going to make the family proud. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")


105 Adama Fishing Trip 41YR

Tamara on a fishing trip with her family in 41YR

Shannon calls Joseph from the escalator at the MAGLEV station to check on his ETA that evening for Willie's birthday party. He says he will not be there any later than 7 p.m. She says the party starts at 7:30. Tamara gets on the phone and tells her father he cannot be late. "Do you want to put Willie in therapy for the rest of his life?" Joseph reiterates, but Tamara says that is unacceptable. He needs to promise that he will be there and on time. Joseph says, "All right, Your Honor." Shannon takes the phone back and tells Joseph that they are getting on the lev. He interjects because he has something to say, but Shannon cannot hear him because the reception is breaking up.

On the train, Tamara tells her mother about a "little creep" who came up to her and insulted her for being a Tauron. Shannon says she hopes she walked away, to which Tamara replies that she did after she kicked him in the balls.

101 Tamara Shannon Fear Train

Tamara and Shannon react in horror at Ben's proclamation.

Ben Stark and Zoe Graystone are taking the train to the spaceport for their trip to Gemenon. Ben opens his jacket to reveal bombs strapped on his chest - a suicide vest. In the name of the [[Monotheism|One True God he detonates them and the train blows up killing himself and Zoe, Shannon and Tamara, and five-hundred other people.

Joseph and dozens of others hear the rumble of the explosion and turn around in shock as black smoke billows several blocks away. ("Pilot")

Sentient AvatarEdit

Two weeks after the bombing, Daniel Graystone creates an avatar of Tamara by combining the collection of her memories and experiences with a copy of his daughter's sentient avatar program. He then resurrects her into the Virtual World as a Twin as a favor to her father - to show him how he can bring their loved ones back from death. Joseph is horrified by the result, however, and declares it to be an abomination. ("Pilot")

Funeral RitesEdit

105 Funeral Altar

Funeral altar for Tamara and Shannon at the Adama home

After a month, her Uncle Sam finally convinces Joseph to have the funeral rites for his wife and daughter so they can pass over to the afterlife. The service is held at Joseph's home with family and friends in attendance. A Tauron priest, the Ferryman, officiates.

Sam, is bare chested to display his tattoos for the ritual. As Ruth looks on and Larry is in prayer, Sam stands behind Joseph and William who each hand a coin to the Ferryman - Joseph for Shannon and William for Tamara. Joseph asks the Ferryman to grant the deceased women passage. The Ferryman asks if Joseph and William will let the women go and both say goodbye. The Ferryman assures them that Shannon and Tamara will live forever in their hearts. They will live forever in peace.

The Ferryman takes ink and flame from the plate Sam is holding and applies a ritual tattoo to Joseph's chest. A woman sings a mournful song. ("There Is Another Sky")

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