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102 Tanner Willow
Biographical Information
Name Tanner Willow
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica City
Occupation Family Cook
Religion Monotheism
Status Living
Relationship Information
Spouse Clarice Willow (wife)
Mar-Beth (wife)
Helena (wife)
Nestor (husband)
Desiree Willow (wife)
Olaf (husband)
Rashawn (husband)
Family Phoebe
Character Information
Portrayer Phil Granger
First Episode "Rebirth"
Last Episode "False Labor"
Episode Count 3
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Tanner is one of Clarice Willow's husbands in a group marriage. He adopted the last name of his wife, Desiree. He is a member of the Soldiers of the One. ("Rebirth") ("The Heavens Will Rise")

When Lacy Rand visits the family for lunch, Tanner jokes that they are serving squirrel stew. At the dinner table, Mar-Beth notices Nestor flirting with Lacy. After lunch, Tanner and Mar-Beth challenge Clarice and Nestor about their motivations for their attentions towards Lacy. Nestor denies that he was trying to seduce her. Clarice says she invited Lacy to their home in a friendly attempt to help Lacy cope with her grief over Zoe Graystone's death. ("Rebirth")

Tanner helps deliver Mar-Beth's baby at home, surrounded by the family. ("False Labor")

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Tanner implies that Nestor may have been one of Clarice's former students. ("Rebirth")