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The Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Quantum Mechanix The Twelve Colonies of Kobol

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Geoffrey Mandel


Quantum Mechanix



The Twelve Colonies of Kobol is a map of the Cyrannus Star System, which the Twelve Tribes settled after a disaster forced them to flee Kobol two thousand years ago.


As we approach the historic third millennium since the settlement of the Twelve Colonies, it is my pleasure to present to you this official and completely updated map of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Created in cooperation with Graystone Industries, it features the latest facts and figures about the colonies, as well as specially created artwork of the suns, planets, moons and asteroid belts that make up our four systems. We think this map will be ideal for your reference and educational use, and invite you to share it with your family and students. So say we all!

Jane Espenson
Colonial Deputy Secretary of Education


  • Written and Illustrated by Geoffrey Mandel
  • Nebula Art: Ali Ries
  • Technical Advisors: Jane Espenson and Kevin R. Grazier
  • Project Manager: Andy Gore
  • Special Thanks: Doug Drexler, Victoria Fung, Ben Mund and Bob Harris, author of "Beyond Caprica: A Visitors Guide to the Twelve Colonies".