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Triad Cards
Name Triad
Type Card Game
Locations Goldie's Off Track Betting
Debut "Gravedancing"
Significance Dave Oneris taught William Adama how to play.
Characters Dave Oneris
William Adama

Triad is a Colonial card game which resembles poker. The cards are hexagonal in shape.


Ha'la'tha members play Triad at Goldie's while watching Backtalk with Baxter Sarno. ("Gravedancing")

Dave tells Joseph Adama he taught Willie how to play Triad at Goldie's and Willie was already learning how to cheat. ("Apotheosis")


Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

104 Watching Sarno Goldie's Triad

Playing Triad at Goldie's.

In the Original Series, the card game was called "Pyramid" and the sport was called "Triad".

"Ronald D. Moore has admitted to getting the two confused, accidentally switching the names of the sport and the card game." [1]

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