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111 Trojan Spaceport
Trojan Spaceport
Name Trojan Spaceport
Alternate Name Caprica City Interplanetary Spaceport
Location Caprica City
Debut "Retribution"
Significance Attempted STO bombing to kill Clarice Willow
Characters Lacy Rand
Keon Gatwick
Security Guard
Cultural References Troy

The Trojan Spaceport (Caprica City Interplanetary Spaceport) serves the Greater Caprica City metropolitan area for all off-world travel. 

Bombing Attempt[]

Barnabas Greeley sends Keon Gatwick, Pann, Hippolyta and Lacy Rand to the spaceport to plant bombs. When Clarice Willow returns home from her trip to Gemenon, they will be detonated, killing her.

Lacy is nervous. This attracts the attention of a Security Guard who comes over to check on her. She stumbles for an explanation and lies that her temple group missed their flight to Picon. Suspicious, the guard asks her what is in her backpack. Pann fires his gun to interrupt the confrontation and kills the guard. Pann, Hippolyta and Lacy run out of the spaceport to their getaway car where Keon waits to drive away. Two security guards chase them.

Later that evening, a reporter from CAP News covers the story:

"And we're still on the scene at this hour. GDD sources are telling us that so far, no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for that botched bombing that happened here just hours ago."

Behind the Scenes[]

Filming Location[]

The Trojan Spaceport scenes were filmed in the Mezzanine and Registrar's Office at Simon Frazier University, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

Cultural References[]

Troy (Ancient city in Asia Minor)


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