101 V-Club Dancers
Located in V-World
Debut "Pilot"
Significance The place where Zoe Graystone keeps her avatar
Characters Zoe Graystone
Lacy Rand
Ben Stark
Zoe (sentient avatar)
Daniel Graystone
The V-Club (Virtual Club) is a Virtual World nightclub for teenagers. They hack the holobands and create illegal places where they go to fulfill immoral fantasies.


The Virtual World was created by Daniel Graystone of Graystone Industries. It is accessed through the holoband technology that Graystone created. Teenagers hacked the Virtual World and created the illegal V-Club. It is a place where they can indulge in their most base, hedonistic and barbarous fantasies including drug dens, group sex rooms, fight clubs and human sacrifice. It has been an underground phenomenon for five years. ("Pilot")

Accessing the V-ClubEdit


Zoe Graystone enters V-Club with a passcode via an e-sheet

The V-Club is accessed by using the holoband technology. As such, it is a virtual reality, and not a real place.

Accessing the V-Club requires entering a passcode on an e-sheet.


A Better WayEdit


Zoe and Ben in the V-Club

Zoe Graystone and Lacy Rand originally used the V-Club as an escape from reality where they could feel free from the control of their parents, and to indulge in pleasures that they would be restricted from in the real world.

Zoe's boyfriend, Ben Stark, eventually convinced them of the amorality of the V-Club and that there was a better way. Zoe and Lacy converted to Ben's faith of Monotheism. Convinced of the sinful nature of the V-Club, they undertook the mission to show the Twelve Worlds that there is a god, the One True God, who knows right from wrong, and who can show them the way out of that sinful life. ("Pilot")

The MissionEdit

101 Zoe Avatar V-Club

Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar

Zoe created an artificially sentient avatar of herself who resides here. The avatar is programmed with a bio feedback loop so she can experience and feel everything the original Zoe does.

Ben is a member of the radical Soldiers of the One (or STO), the terrorist, military arm of the Monotheist Church. Zoe and Ben have plans for the avatar in their mission, but the plans are never fully explained. Original Zoe told her avatar that God has a purpose for her on Gemenon, the home of Monotheism. Zoe, Ben and Lacy were bound for Gemenon before the MAGLEV attack. ("Pilot")

STO symbol door sensor

STO symbol in the V-Club

The three friends created a private room in the club which can only be accessed by authorized users. They touch the infinity symbol on the door to enter. The room is a quiet retreat from the chaos outside with stained glass, reflecting pools and candles. They meet here to discuss their plans. ("Pilot") ("Reins of a Waterfall")



VIP RoomEdit

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  • Zoe enters the V-Club using the holoband
  • Simulated virgin sacrifices
  • Virgin sacrifices are made to Hecate
  • Daniel goes to the V-Club to look for Zoe.
  • Vesta's "Russian Roulette" game with revolvers

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