Val Chambers
101 Val Chambers
Name Val Chambers
Actor William B. Davis
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Caprican Minister of Defense
Status Deceased

The Guatrau asks Joseph Adama to deliver a message to Caprica's Minister of Defense, Val Chambers. Chambers has conveniently forgotten how he came to be so important. He is taking action that will cause distress for the Guatrau and many of his colleagues.

Joseph delivers the Guatrau's message to Chambers. Chambers asks if it is a threat, to which Joseph says no. He expresses his hatred for Joseph's boss, planet and people. He says he will not be pressured or blackmailed. The Caprican government is going to take a special interest in the Guatrau, his business and his low-life lawyers. Joseph wishes him a safe journey and leaves.

In retribution, the Guatrau sends Sam Adama to Chambers' home in the middle of the night. Sam slits Chamber's throat with two knives and delivers the Guatrau's message not to turn on a friend. Then Sam stabs Chambers in the chest, killing him.