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106 Vergis Corp HQ
Vergis Corporation
Type Technology Corporation
Location Tauron
Debut "Know Thy Enemy"
Significance MCP Theft
Characters Tomas Vergis (CEO)

The Vergis Corporation is a Tauron-based technology research company, competing for defense contracts with Graystone Industries. It is headquartered in Tauron City. ("Know Thy Enemy")


Tomas Vergis is CEO of the company. The company conducts research and development on the Meta-cognitive processor (MCP), which Daniel Graystone seeks to enhance his Cylon's artificial intelligence capabilities. ("Pilot")

Shortly after the MAGLEV bombing, Daniel asks Joseph Adama to use his contacts within the Ha'la'tha to steal the MCP. The MCP is delivered to Daniel, but two lab employees of the Vergis Corporation are killed in the process. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")

"The Tauron Globe Times" online news site covers the story in an article entitled, "High Tech Theft Leaves Workers Slain." Two Caprican online news sites, "The Caprican Financial Times" and "Defense Times" (an armed forces news outlet), also cover the story. ("End of Line")


Behind the Scenes[]

The exteriors of the Vergis Corporation were filmed at Simon Fraser University in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.[1]


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