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Vesta Roma
Vesta (Goddess)
Name Vesta
Other Names Hestia
Patron God of Virgon (as Hestia)
Debut There Is Another Sky
Significance Vesta (avatar)
Photo Earth wood engraving of Vesta[1]

Vesta (Hestia) is one of the Lords of Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In the religion of the Ancient Romans, she is goddess of the hearth.

Lord of Kobol[]

Vesta is the patron god of Virgon, known by the name of Hestia. Likewise, a planet in orbit with Canceron and Aerilon is named for Hestia.[2] The avatar, Vesta, is named for her. ("There Is Another Sky")

A minor planet in the asteroid belt of New Earth's solar system will be named for Vesta.

Ancient Roman Religion[]

Vesta was the goddess of the hearth, the home, and domestic life in the Roman religion (idenitified with the Greek goddess, Hestia). She was the first-born of the Titans, Kronos and Rhea, and (like the others) was swallowed by her father. When her brother Jupiter (the Greek Zeus), who managed to escape their father's appetite, freed his siblings, Vesta was the last to be released (because she was the first swallowed) and so is regarded as both the oldest and the youngest of the gods. She was very beautiful and attracted the attention of both Apollo and Neptune who fought for her hand. Vesta rejected them both, however, and begged Jupiter to allow her to remain forever a virgin. When he consented to this, Vesta was pleased and took care of his home and hearth; thus identifying her with domestic life but, more importantly, with domestic tranquility.[3]


106 Vesta

The avatar Vesta

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