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Virgo Constellation
Name Virgo
Colony Name Virgon
Zodiac Sixth sign - Virgin
Examples Virgon
Virgon United (pyramid team)
Tower of Virgon

Virgo is the ancient name for the colony of Virgon in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In astrology, it is the sixth sign of the zodiac, represented by the Virgin.

The Colony

The Twelve Colonies were founded by tribes from Kobol, the birthplace of humanity. Two thousand years prior to the present (42YR), a disaster of a now forgotten nature forced the tribes to abandon their home. They journeyed to the Cyrannus Star System (a cluster of two binary systems) located two thousand light years away from Kobol. Virgo was the original name of the colony of Virgon.


Virgo (Latin: “Virgin”) is the sixth sign of the zodiac, governing the period from about August 23 to about September 22. It is represented as a young maiden carrying a sheaf of wheat. She is variously identified as a fertility goddess (the Babylonian and Assyrian Ishtar, among others) or the harvest maiden (the Greek Persephone and others). [1]


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