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110 Virtual Heaven
Virtual Heaven
Location Virtual World
Debut "Unvanquished"
Significance A tangible, virtual-world Monotheist heaven that removes the need for faith
Characters Clarice Willow
Obal Ferras
Olaf Willow
Businessman (STO)
Elderly Woman
Father of Family
STO Martyr No. 1
STO Martyr No. 2
STO Martyr No. 3

Virtual Heaven is a virtual world conceived by Clarice Willow as an idyllic place into which the members of their Monotheistic religion can be downloaded after their physical bodies die.  

Nestor and Olaf Willow built the Virtual Heaven computer program. Using a swipe drive, Clarice steals the backup program of Zoe Graystone's sentient avatar from Daniel Graystone's home computer. Olaf and Nestor use the template to create sentient avatars for the members of their religion. ("Unvanquished") ("Know Thy Enemy")


110 Atlas Arena STO Bomb Demo

Atlas Arena is destroyed in the demonstration

Clarice meets with the Monotheist Church Conclave on Gemenon to give a holoband demonstration of the value of Virtual Heaven. It depicts a group of STO suicide bombers attending a Caprica Buccaneers versus the Gemenon Twins pyramid game at Atlas Arena. They set off their bombs and blow up the arena. Then they download into existing sentient avatars of themselves and praise the One True God.

Clarice describes the Virtual Heaven:

"Imagine a world in which death has been conquered, in which eternal life is not just a dream, but a reality. Thirty-thousand Capricans will die in the fire. A select few will be reborn, those who have accepted the One True God into their hearts.  Only they will savor life everlasting in a Virtual Heaven that we have built. The Twelve Worlds will see our paradise and understand the gift that our God offers. We live in a remarkable era. Myth and mystery have been replaced by reason and science. I offer you a religion that removes the need for faith, a religion of certainty that reflects the wonder of all we have created. That is Apotheosis." ("Unvanquished")


111 Clarice Barnabas

Barnabas tells Clarice that Apotheosis is a fraud

Virtual Heaven has its detractors. Obal Ferras, Head of the Conclave, debates its merits with Clarice.

Clarice: We've always accepted a heaven built by God. Why can't we embrace one built by his worldly instruments?
Obal: Well, it's tacky, for one thing. Personally, I think the dream of eternal life is far more compelling then actually living one. That's much too boring.
Clarice: A man in your position doesn't believe in life eternal?
Obal: I believe in being surprised.

Obal later tells the Holy Mother that it is a complete blasphemy. The Holy Mother tells Clarice it is an artificial heaven. ("Unvanquished")

Alvo tells Clarice that the Conclave does not want Apotheosis. They support Barnabas. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Barnabas accuses Clarice of wanting to be a bouncer in a homemade heaven. Furthermore, he says Apotheosis is a fraud. ("End of Line") ("Retribution")