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108 Weasley Bouncer
Weasley Bouncer
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Origin Virtual World
Occupation Gamer - Gun Check Man
Status Living
Owner Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Patrick Sabongui
Episode "Ghosts in the Machine"

Weasley Bouncer works the Gun Check room (cage) at the Mysteries Burlesque Club in New Cap City

Joseph Adama and Emmanuelle go to the club in search of Tamara. The bouncer tells them they have to check their guns at the door.

Joseph fails to answer Cerberus' riddle and is thrown out. Before he leaves, he sees Tamara's "T with Flower" symbol drawn on the wall of the entryway, realizes his daughter was there and he has been given the run around.

Joseph takes some amp. The bouncer scoffs at ampheads. With lightning speed, Joseph gets his gun and shoots the bouncer, de-rezzing him, which ejects him permanently from the game. Joseph then goes back into the club and starts shooting, intent on getting answers.