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Wiki Caprica is updated to U.S. aired episodes and official releases (above).
Visitors whose viewing schedule is behind that of SyFy should be very careful about which pages they visit including the lower sections of the Main page.
  • In respect for the talent of the creators of Caprica, the wishes of Wikia, and the wishes of many fans, spoilers about episodes are forbidden before their U.S. airdates. Please read the spoiler policy.
  • Spoilers are not permitted on the wiki. Any spoilers on the wiki regarding future episodes will result in an instant and permanent ban. If you wish to read or discuss spoilers please visit sites that cater to spoilers and spoilerism.
  • Do not create pages about future episodes (except the next new episode), characters, cast members, or crew. The Wiki Caprica is updated to the latest episode that has aired in the U.S.

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