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For Joseph and Shannon's son, see William Adama.
For Bill's grandfather, see William Adama Sr..
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Young Bill Adama
Biographical Information
Name Bill Adama
Origin Caprican born, Tauron heritage
Residence 615 Olympic Street, No. 3
Caprica City
Religion Polytheism
Status Living
Relationship Information
Family Joseph Adama (father)
Evelyn (mother)
Willie Adama (half-brother, namesake)
Tamara Adama (half-sister)
Relatives Sam Adama (uncle)
Larry (uncle)
Evelyn's Brother (uncle)
William Adama Sr. (paternal grandfather)
Isabelle Adama (paternal grandmother)
Significant Other Ruth (extended family)
Character Information
Portrayer Markus Towfigh
Episode "Apotheosis"
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Young Bill Adama (William) was born in 43YR to Evelyn and Joseph Adama.


Bill Adama was born in 43YR in the coastal community of Qualai on Caprica. ("Battlestar Galactica: Hero") He also lived in his father's apartment in Little Tauron in Caprica City. ("Apotheosis")

Bill is named in memory of his deceased, older half-brother, Willie, per Tauron custom. Like Willie, he was named after his grandfather, William Adama Sr. ("Pilot") ("Apotheosis")

Dedication and Legacy[]

The Adama family gathers on the fifth anniversary of Willie's death (47YR). Joseph begins the ceremony:

Oh, Jupiter, to you I pray on the anniversary of my son William's death. For he was not yet a man, he chose a man's death. William was a proud Tauron and a good boy.

Our father's name lives on in another way now. Bill, you were named after your brother. This is our tradition. You will do the rest. As we are from the soil, so shall we return.

118 Adamas Celebrate Bill

The Adamas dedicate Young Bill to carrying on the family tradition.

Bill drops some soil into a candle flame. Then everyone cheers him and says, So say we all. ("Apotheosis")

Bill will grow up to become Admiral William Adama, Commander of the Battlestar Galactica, who will lead humanity to their new home after the Cylons destroy their worlds (100YR).

Behind the Scenes[]

Season Two[]

"The Caprica Times" website interviewed Kevin Murphy about what would have happened if Caprica had been renewed for a second season. Murphy said,

"Young Bill would have been a spooky, intense kid with a lot of anger over being named for his dead older brother." [1]


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