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For the different incarnations of the Zoe character, see Zoe (disambiguation).
112 Young Zoe
Young Zoe
Biographical Information
Name Zoe Graystone
Origin Caprica City
Residence Graystone mansion near Caprica City
First home (burned when she was five)
Religion Polytheism
Family Amanda Graystone (mother)
Daniel Graystone (father)
Relatives Darius (maternal uncle)
Phoebus (paternal grandmother, mentioned)
Status Living
Character Information
Portrayer Olivia Steele Falconer
Other Portrayer Alessandra Torresani (teenage Zoe)
Kailyn Stratton (Six-year-old Zoe)
Episode "Things We Lock Away"
Cultural References Zoe (name)

When Zoe Graystone was five years old, her spiritual mentor saved her from a fire which burned and destroyed her house. Young Zoe remembers this and colors a picture of the event. Her spiritual mentor and friend visits and Young Zoe thanks her.

Cultural References[]

Zoe (name)