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Wiki Caprica
104 Duram's Assistant
Biographical Information
Name Youngblood
Origin Unknown
Residence Caprica
Occupation GDD Agent
Status Living
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Kendall Cross
First Episode "Reins of a Waterfall"
Last Episode "Retribution"
Episode Count 3
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Agent Youngblood is Jordan Duram's partner at the Global Defense Department.

Duram and Youngblood are discussing Amanda Graystone's confession when the GDD director, Gara Singh, walks in with a tape labeled, "Benjamin Starke" which shows Youngblood interviewing Ben Stark after a curfew violation, a year earlier (Aprilus 9, 41YR). Ben claimed the explosives in his bag were components for model rockets. Singh is upset they let a terrorist walk free, or at the very least, the tape was not destroyed. He tells them to be "better."

Duram considers searching areas previously off-limits due to "red tape." His first step is to contact the Caprican Tribune. Later, Duram, Youngblood and Singh watch the Cubits & Pieces television program. The program anchor, Delice Jackson, reveals that bureaucratic red tape is holding up the search of the Graystone residence. Singh comments on it being good publicity. Duram gives Youngblood the credit, which helps restore her credibility after the discovery that she let a terrorist go free. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Youngblood is on the GDD team which conducts a search of the student lockers at the Athena Academy. She is also on the search team at the Graystone residence. There, she finds the Soldiers of the One infinity pin which belonged to Zoe Graystone. Later that day, she reviews student e-sheets to see who might have warned someone at the school about the impending raid. Duram lashes out at Youngblood in frustration, but quickly apologizes saying that she is not entirely to blame for letting Ben Stark go. He says, "We all got complacent and we're all responsible." He asks why she is still there working as hard as he is. She says, "It looks to me like Gemenese scum are luring good Caprican kids into a killer cult. Anyone doing that needs to be destroyed." ("Gravedancing")

Youngblood and Duram are sent to investigate Pann's murder. Duram makes the link between his death and the murder of his girlfriend, Hippolyta, the same night across town. This is not long after they were captured on camera at the Trojan Spaceport where they botched the STO bombing attempt.

Youngblood thinks Duram is mistaken in his belief that Clarice Willow can be an Athenian cleric and keep up a secret Monotheist life in the STO. She thinks Jordan should back off from his search for links between Clarice and the Soldiers of the One. ("Retribution")

She takes over all of Duram's cases after Singh fires him. ("The Dirteaters")