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Name Zodiac
Significance Twelve Colonies
Photo Floor of Chiron's bank vault in New Cap City depicting the symbols of the Twelve Colonies

The Zodiac is a series of twelve constellations situated on the Earth's ecliptic, through which the sun travels (from Earth's perspective) over the course of a year.

Colonial Society[]

In the Caprica Universe Timeline, New Earth's Zodiac will be named after the ancient names of the Twelve Colonies.


Signs of the Zodiac[]

Symbol Name Colony
Aries Aerilon
Taurus Tauron
Gemini Gemenon
Cancer Canceron
Leo Leonis
Virgo Virgon
Libra Libran
Scorpio Scorpia
Sagittarius Sagittaron
Capricorn Caprica
Aquarius Aquaria
Pisces Picon